Thursday, 28 June 2007

An Internship about Search Engine Optimisation

Hello all,
After an internship at LeadGenerators, an Internet Marketing Agency in Richmond, Surrey, I wrote a whole report about my experience in this firm and the knowledge I acquired about the Search Engine Optimisation subject.
On this blog, I will regularly disclose a new chapter of my report. It will begin with a simple introduction to SEO, destined to newbies in the Internet Marketing world. Then it will focus on the Links Building Process, a way to improve both Google PageRank and the visibility of your website on the Internet.
I hope you will be as interested as me about this exciting subject!
Till my next entry,
The SEO Intern


cyliriel said...

Hmm,seems that you have a blog in the end...not soo casual i admit :p
In case you're wondering,I got here while taking my daily "walk around google",hope you don't mind..^^
See ya :)

Jean-Fred said...

I'm afraid I'm not sure who you are... Could you help me a bit ? :-)

cyliriel said...

Hmm,i knew this could happen..we don't know each other so well after all...
So you're not sure ,hey...?
An evil and kinda stupid part of myself is willing to turn this into a game......shall i listen to it?^^

Jean-Fred said...

That's okay, I am pretty sure now ^^ I'm sorry you can't let the darkest part of you make fun of me this time (though I'm sure that would be another day!). See you again some day - I'm looking forward to it !

Anonymous said...

Interesting Game.

Pawn to King 4
Kennedy to Bishop 3
Cyliriel to Oblivion 36.

Check Mate!

Another game?

The maker of Kennedy and other fine presidents.